What is jack_mixer?

jack_mixer is a GTK JACK audio mixer app with a look similar to its hardware counterpart. It has lot of useful features, apart from being able to mix multiple JACK audio streams.

It is licensed under GPL version 2 (or later).



jack_mixer, five input channels, three output channels
jack_mixer in action on nedko's desktop
jack_mixer in action on larsl's desktop


If you have trouble getting jack_mixer working, find a bug or you miss some feature, do not hesitate to contact the maintainer (see below).

jack_mixer was initially written and supported by Nedko Arnaudov, it is now maintained by Frédéric Péters. You can reach Frédéric at fpeters (a.t) 0d (dot) be, and Nedko at nedko (a.t) arnaudov (dot) name. They can also be found in #lad on FreeNode (as fredp and nedko).

Last but not least the icon has been created by Lapo Calamandrei.